Canadian Women Voters Congress

The Canadian Women Voters Congress is a nonpartisan, grass roots organization, dedicated to encouraging all Canadian women to become strong, effective voices at all levels of government. Women constitute 51% of the population, yet the number of women in elected positions across Canada remains fewer than 25%. In addition, there is no effective manner in which to measure the influence of women on government. In order to affect the direction of governmental policies and action, a significant, resonant, influential presence is essential. The Congress is working to balance the scales of political representation and to hold all parties accountable for including women in the decision-making process. The Congress is nonpartisan, but acknowledges that the way for women to be recognized is through the collective voice heard within the circles of government.

Purposes Of Our Society

To educate women about political and organizational systems using a non-partisan and non-issue based approach; to encourage women of all backgrounds and political persuasions to participate in the political process and to encourage and inspire women to assume leadership roles.

What we do

Who We Are

The Congress is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. We come from all segments of society. We have varying political beliefs, but one thing in common ... the desire to see more women involved in the political process and to see more women in elected positions within our governments.

About The School

The Women's Campaign School explores the political skills, strategies and tactics required to run a winning campaign.

Participants are comprised of women who are interested in political campaigns--committee, board, municipal, provincial, federal and/or First Nations. Women of any age who are interested in building their campaign skill base are invited to participate. The intensive and interactive program is non-partisan and non-issue-based.

The Women's Campaign School prepares women for all aspects of political life by:

Enhancing the capacity of women to succeed as political candidates or campaign staff.
Providing women with a network of alumnae contacts.

Politics is still the "uncommon career choice" for Canadian women. Women won the right to vote in federal elections in 1919 and since then have increased their representation in politics. Thirty years ago 0.4 percent of MPs were women; today it's 21 percent.

The Women's Campaign School is committed to the increased participation of women in the political process in order to reflect a balanced representation within government and community.

The Women's Campaign School has an integrated curriculum which stresses non-partisan and non-issue-based instruction, with a focus on interactive learning.


Over the course of 3 full days, participants will learn how to:

Examine their motivation for running
Recognize the resulting change in lifestyle
Manage the nuts and bolts of fundraising, budgeting and campaign financing
Campaign ethics
Strategize a successful campaign
Deal with local and regional issues
Work effectively with the media
International politics